Virtual Silcton

UCSB - Route Learning & Map Arrangement

Welcome Welcome to Virtual SILCton. The OBJECTIVE is to walk on the paths in the virtual world and learn the NAMES AND LOCATIONS of each building as it relates to the other buildings.You will take four walks in total.The GOAL is to use this information in two activities at the end of this exercise. It is important to note that SILCton can be anywhere on Earth.The first simulation is the first of four routes you will learn. Along each of the first two routes you will learn four buildings; eight buildings total.

Each building is indicated by a gem hovering above the path and adjacent to a sign that will tell you the name of the building. Routes 1 and 2 each have 4 buildings that you must learn the names and locations of. Routes 2 and 3 provide an opportunity to explore the environment from different perspectives.


To begin the experiment, left click anywhere inside the virtual world. You can MOVE using the arrow keys on the keyboard (OR the WASD keys). You can LOOK by pointing the mouse. The mouse and the arrow keys can be used separately and/or together to create precise movement through the experiment (e.g., to turn right, try moving forward with the keyboard while simultaneously moving the mouse to your right).

If at any time you cannot move, click anywhere inside the virtual world. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the controls. When you are familiar with the controls, navigate back to the start. Please remember to continue gathering information in regards to the names and locations of the buildings as you walk along the paths.

When you are ready, follow the arrows on the road. Take as much time as you like. You must stay along the path indicated by the arrows but you may walk in either direction. You must proceed from the beginning of each route (“start”) to the end of each route (“finish”) and back to the beginning (“start”). Please walk all the way to the end, turn around and walk back to start.

Clicking on “I am Finished” at this juncture will not automatically turn you around. When you get back to the beginning, click on “I am Finished” and the second route will automatically load.



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